Dal 1994, nel cuore di Modena, un ritrovo per amici che giorno dopo giorno si allarga, dando il benvenuto ai nuovi membri e il bentornato ai personaggi storici della birreria.

Griffin's Irish Pub

23-03-19 h 4pm Bearded Villains Northern Squad – Modena Meet

The Bearded Villains were born at the behest of Fredrick Von Knox in 2014 in Los Angeles, his intent was to create a collective that had as a common theme the beard with the ideal to bring together bearded men of every culture, race, sexual orientation and belief religious in a brotherhood devoted to Respect, Loyalty and Honor.

This brotherhood must dedicate itself to the improvement of society through the principles of Brotherhood, Kindness and Charity.

Since its birth, this brotherhood has seen many other groups develop, called chapters in almost all nations.

First of all Bearded Villains Italy were born in Italy on September 7th, 2015, then in northern Italy our chapter takes shape: the Bearded Villains Northern Squad Italy on September 10th 2016 and a satellite charter of the BV Italy in Sardinia: the Bearded Villains Sardinia under the same flag and the same values.

The Modena meeting is the fourth official meeting of the Northern Squad Italy, where a collection of funds for cystic fibrosis research will be held.

For more info visit the page http://www.fibrosicisticaemilia.it/


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